Bespoke Tailored Suits

There is something quite special about wearing bespoke clothes. 

The fit is immaculate, of course. Immediately you feel at ease. And you look good too. There is no better way to lift the mood and boost your confidence.

Remember, your custom-made item is unique to you. Whether it’s a suit or a jacket, a coat or a shirt, it’s something you have helped create: you discussed the cloth; you picked the details; you agreed the shape. One of our skilled team will advise you throughout the process. And more importantly, will measure you so we achieve the perfect fit. We take up to 15 measurements, just to be absolutely sure. This is yours and you want it to be perfect. 

As everything is made to order. Please allow a month between placing your order and receiving your finished pieces. It’s worth the wait.

See our blog for a full run down of what to expect when you come to see us. And what you should consider in advance.

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Ashworth & Bird Custom Made

Three Steps to a Great Bespoke Suit

Having a suit made for you is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Measurement

One of the major benefits of buying bespoke clothes is that it fits perfectly. Everything is made to order and, more precisely, to your size and shape. 

 We take a host of measurements from chest to the length of your back, from sleeve length to your waist and inside leg. On average we take 15 separate measurements, but often we take many more. Our focus is creating a suit that will fit.

 Importantly, custom-tailoring makes allowances for all those lumps and bumps, be that a well-developed chest and biceps or a well-lunched middle and a sloping shoulder. It means you don’t have to go up a size just to accommodate one aspect of your body.

2. Cloth & Lining

Once you have been measured, it’s time to choose your cloth. At Ashworth & Bird we have over 500 tailoring fabrics to choose from and another 50 plus linings. 

But don’t be daunted. Our advisor will guide you through the process and help you choose the right cloth for you. First and foremost, we will want to know when you expect to wear your new suit or jacket. And where. This will help us guide you to the right construction and weight, as well as allowing us to suggest colour and pattern.

As a general rule, we work with natural fibres - wool, linen, silk, mohair, cashmere and cotton – either on their own or as a blend. Pure wool is a very versatile cloth and can be worn all year round, depending on the weave. Mix it with cashmere for a more luxurious feel, add mohair to add a sheen and extra strength, or weave it with linen for a crisper, lighter summer fabric (with fewer creases). 

We will also discuss linings and whether you want something bright and jazzy or a more sombre fabric, in matching tones. For many, the lining has become a great way to add some life and personality to a classic garment. We can cater for all tastes.

3. Styling details

The final step is agreeing how your new piece will look. It is the tailor’s ultimate skill, taking a piece of flat cloth and turning it into a 3-dimensional piece that looks great when worn.

The first decision is single-breasted or double breasted. And then the number of buttons. After that it’s agreement on pockets, lapel width and trouser shape. 


If this bit sounds the most daunting – don’t worry. This is where our advisors come into their own. They can show you examples, make suggestions and gently guide you through the whole process. Their role is to ensure that you end up with something you are completely happy with.


And with everything agreed, we then send it all to our workshop. It’s their role to turn your vision into reality. 

Order Today - Delivery in One Month

It takes at least a month to have your bespoke items personally tailored for you (though we recommend you allow longer). Use the form above to request a custom fitting appointment, or call us direct on 01737 244 413