Our Custom-Made Tailoring Service

There is something quite special about wearing custom-made clothes, whether it’s a new suit, a jacket, a coat or a shirt. The fit, of course, is immaculate. Immediately you feel at ease. But also, you look good, dressed in something you helped create: you chose the cloth; you decided the details; you agreed the shape. It is unique to you. At Ashworth & Bird we offer a broad selection of cloths, mainly from the mills of Northern Italy but also from British and Irish weavers. Our skilled tailoring team will guide you through the whole the process from taking your measurements to help you choose the right cloth for you. We can also arrange matching ties, pocket squares and waistcoats for weddings. 

Book a fitting now using the form below, or call us direct on 01737 244 413

Personal Styling

Customer service sits at the heart of everything we do - we will help you discover the item or the outfit that is perfect for you. But we try to go further than that. We also offer one-on-one personal styling sessions - ideal if you have just been promoted or taken on a new role. Make an appointment here and we will help you look your best.

Wedding Parties

We are experts at dressing wedding parties. Whether it’s groom and best man or a more substantial group, we can make sure everyone looks good and feels comfortable. Our highly skilled tailoring team will take your measurements, help you decide what everybody will be wearing and ensure that everybody looks good for the wedding photos and feels good throughout the day.

Evening Sessions

Sometimes it is hard getting all the men from the wedding party together at the same time. For larger parties or just for a more personal service, we will stay open late. And we’ll even throw in a few beers so everyone can relax and enjoy the process. Weddings don’t need to be stressful.